Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Anders Breivik's" specifically Satanic theme

A majority of so called agnostics and atheists in Europe are cultural conservative Christians without even knowing it. So what is the difference between cultural Christians and religious Christians?

If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. We do however believe in Christianity as a cultural, social, identity and moral platform. This makes us Christian.

Sorath [The Devil, Beast, or Anti-Christ] seeks to paralyze the "I" in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence. His influence, once the "I" is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience, and causing thinking to become detached from reality.

One consequence of this is to create a void, which is filled by powerful urges for experience in the form of drug use or senseless violence (perhaps what LaRouche calls "the New Violence"). "Blind" terrorism, in which the real motive is hidden, is one type of violence which reflects Sorath's God-complex and his intense desire to remain unknown.

Perusing Breivik's supposed manifesto, cleverly titled by adding 1 to 19 and subtracting 1 from 84 in the title of his favorite book, 1984 (which he doesn't seem to have read, as far as I can tell), is a tour through the mindset of a species of feudal animal known as "Christian," which has nothing to do with Christ's teachings, but is merely a racial block to be pitted against other racial blocks identified by their religions. It reminded me of the following passages from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner entitled The Ahrimanic [Satanic] Deception:
This, then, represents one of the means used by Ahriman to make his incarnation as effective as possible — this keeping of man back in scientific superstition.

The second means that he employs is to stir up all the emotions that split men up into small groups — groups that mutually attack one another. You need only look at all the conflicting parties that exist today, and if you are unprejudiced you will recognize that the explanation is not to be found merely in human nature. If men honestly try to explain this so-called World War through human dis-harmonies, they will realize that with what they find in physical humanity they cannot explain it. It is precisely here that “supersensible” powers, Ahrimanic powers, have been at work.

These Ahrimanic powers are working, in fact, wherever dis-harmonies arise between groups of men. Now the question arises on what foundation is most of what we are considering based?
And so, in order to create dissensions, Ahriman also makes use of what develops from the old conditions of heredity which man has really outgrown in the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch. The Ahrimanic powers use all that is derived from old circumstances of heredity in order to set men against each other in conflicting groups. All that comes from old differences of family, race, tribe, peoples, is used by Ahriman to create confusion. “Freedom for every nation, even the smallest ...” These were fine-sounding words. But the powers hostile to man always use fine words in order to bring confusion and in order to attain the things that Ahriman wishes to attain for his incarnation.
If we inquire: Who stirs up nations against each other? Who raises the questions that are directing humanity today? — the answer is: the Ahrimanic deception which plays into human life. And in this field men very easily let themselves be deceived. They are not willing to descend to the lower strata where reality is to be found.
Searching the manifesto for "Satan" turned up only references contained in writings by Islamic writers. It doesn't contain any indication that Satan is a real influence in the world,

But the main thing that struck me in the course of perusing the manifesto is the lack of depth. For example, the writer (or writers) claims to have studied economics, but I don't see any evidence of it. Compared to many writers whose work appears on the internet, it's as dull as dishwater.