Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blair: new, improved scripts coming, with fewer lies, more brute force

In a new, 40-page introduction to the first paperback edition of his autobiography, published June 9, Tony Blair not surprisingly called implicitly for dictatorship, just at the moment that Obama's British masters are in the process of preparing a dictatorial coup in Washington. Blair also called for more wars on the Libya model, the model of so-called "humanitarian wars" against national sovereignty for which Blair has agitated for many years.

What Blair is actually saying is that it's time to take off the mask, and stop pretending to be something besides Nazis. The government's inability to accomplish anything worthwhile, which is Blair's excuse for dictatorship, has actually just been a matter of following the British script from Hell and to Hell, and now the script is changing to a more overtly Nazi one. ("Now we're going to really start getting things done!") Congressmen: you'll be getting your instructions soon, so sharpen your daggers and don't go wobbly on their majesties, as Blair's predecessor, Saint Margaret would say.