Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Anthony's lawyer demands respect for jury

In an exclusive interview Sunday with Geraldo Rivera on Fox News' "Geraldo at Large," Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez discussed his reaction to the public outrage surrounding the verdict.

"We need to start respecting the jury verdict and decisions that the juries make," Baez told Rivera.
Casey Anthony has been offered $1million for a television interview in which she would be hooked up to a lie detector test, as speculation mounts on whether she will cash in on her infamy.

Her lawyer, Jose Baez, dismissed claims by the producer that the interview was a 'done deal', but said he intended to meet him and discuss terms.

I suppose her lawyer would insist that the polygraph be rigged just as thoroughly as her pathetic jury. What would he would say about the jury's decision regarding the fate of Amanda Knox? I guess it depends on which side organized Satanism is on.