Monday, July 11, 2011

Correction: Full Moon on 15th, not 13th

In a previous post on Casey Anthony, I wrote that the next full Moon will be on July 13th, when in fact it will be on July 15th. I don't recall how I came up with the incorrect date, but it doesn't make that much difference, since the release date preferred by her attorney, the 13th, would have allowed the notorious hearty-partying girl to celebrate getting away with murder on one of the best "hard-partying" (Dionysian wild abandon) days of the year - 7/16/11, the Saturday one day after the full Moon. The judge might have decided that this just wouldn't look right, and delayed her release to prevent her from making an unseemly spectacle of herself and cast aspersions on his court.

The significance of the Moon to organized Satanism is apparently threefold, due to its association with the mystery of Isis & Osiris, which pertains to the stage of our physical evolution (which took place in a spiritual state and a fine-matter or "fire mist" state) which included the development of the heart (Horus) and lungs and the division of mankind into the sexes; organized Satanism's deliberate confusion of the physical Moon with the Eighth Sphere (as purveyed by Sinnett in Esoteric Buddhism); and the fact that it is home to certain evil spirits which make their Earthly counterparts look like boy scouts.