Sunday, July 31, 2011

The legend of DB Cooper: another perpetual lie from organized Satanism (revised)

As a result of my years of investigating Satanism, I've developed a pretty good nose for them and their lies, and the story about DB Cooper reeks of one of these. (Note that "DB" converts to 6, and that "Cooper" converts to 72, then 9, so that "DB Cooper" converts to 69.) Investigators have concluded that there is no solid evidence to support the story, and that it would have been very dangerous and probably fatal for someone to do what he supposedly did. (Some of the ransom money was supposedly found in the drop-area years later, and that's supposed to prove something.) So, it's probably just another of organized Satanism's lies for the sake of lying, like the notion that Jack the Ripper was a "lone nut," and that the goal of "Ripperology" is to identify him, when in fact its purpose is to wave hints of the actual meaning of the crimes under our noses and to mock our obliviousness to the shocking reality. I contend that "Jack" consisted of a group of Satanists at the core of the original Golden Dawn, and that they left a glaring hint, which I found in the course of studying the bearing of a certain murder-site (or body-dump) relative to the center of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. The two relevant blog entries can be found here and here.