Monday, July 18, 2011

Drone strikes exposed

One man in Waziristan is documenting casualties – and says destruction has been radicalising locals
But Noor Behram says his painstaking work has uncovered an important – and unreported – truth about the US drone campaign in Pakistan's tribal region: that far more civilians are being injured or dying than the Americans and Pakistanis admit.
It's dangerous, unpleasant work. The drones frequently hit the same place again, a few minutes after the first strike, so looking for the injured is risky. There are other dangers too: militants and locals are suspicious of anyone with a camera. After all, it is a local network of spies working for the CIA that are directing the drone strikes.

I find it interesting that the supposed enemies of the US would want to prevent someone from documenting US atrocities. I suspect that these would be the British agents, disguised as radical Islamists, who "manage" the area by recruiting low-level militants and terrorists (cannon fodder), and by helping to suppress the truth about these drone strikes because they need them to keep the recruits coming, and the "war" going. It's also interesting that the Guardian would publicize this perspective, although I don't know why. Perhaps it's time for the perpetual "war on terror" to transform into one between the US and Pakistan, since the US military can't keep waging a "war" on the same country for more than a decade and claim to be doing a good job. With all the pressure for the military to pull out of Afghanistan, it needs a fresh enemy.