Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the Big Lie

Today is the premier of the final Harry Potter flick, on a full Moon on a Friday in July no less. It is clear to me that organized Satanism intends to recruit some "graduating" Potter fans into Crowley's Magick, which is a front-group for organized Satanism, consisting of well-intentioned suckers for Satanists (the "inner circle" of Magick) to abuse, mainly by feeding them Crowley's BS. I suppose that certain members of the outer circle with the "right stuff" (mainly good bodies that would make them useful tools for Satan) are gradually led into the "inner circle."

If organized Satanism could be truthful, it would have instead associated itself with The Fly, a movie in which a scientist developing a "teleporter" accidentally lets a fly in the teleportation chamber with himself and becomes a horrifying cross between a human and a fly. This symbolizes what happens as a result of Satanism, which pretends to be black magic (and to provide occult powers such as "teleportation") but which in reality is intended to lead to demonic possession.

The reason the fly is an apt symbol is that one of the major demons is Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, i.e. the group-soul of flies. (This makes sense since demons are low-level spirits of destruction whose proper purpose is to destroy the physical remains of things that have died, and flies are clearly involved in such activity.) So, the combination of the scientist with the fly symbolizes possession by Beelzebub, who effectively DISPOSSESSES the human spirit of the soul and body created for it, at least some of the time. In the original version of the film, the scientist's head and one of his arms are replaced by their fly-counterparts, symbolizing this dispossession, in which a demon effectively replaces the human spirit and drives the soul and body to do certain things.

Although there are cases of necrophilia, humans driven by these instincts of destruction (which modulate the human's lowest impulses, which are related to sex and anger) generally prey on living creatures. This is why actual Satanism includes such things as putting kittens in microwave ovens and throwing them out of windows twenty feet or so high, or "interrogating" someone until they lose their minds and confess to things they didn't do, as opposed to the Cambridge-like Hogwarts, which is just a fantasy intended to lure suckers into Satanism's orbit.

Black magic ("wizardry") is real, but it corresponds to the evil wizards in the Potter saga. The phrase "evil wizard" is redundant, since actual wizards obtain occult powers in exchange for performing certain acts that are designed to ensure that the powers subsequently conveyed will be used to the detriment of mankind. However, the occult powers used in wizardry are neutral and can be beneficial. White magicians, i.e. initiates of the white path, which are either saints or very similar, do not pursue occult powers or use them for egotistical purposes, but obtain them as a byproduct of proper occult development and use them only in cooperation with the progressive hierarchy (angels, archangels, etc.) which implements Gods will. The result, as I understand it, is what we call "miracles."