Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inaction on Obama's impeachment will signal overthrow of US

Conservative Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein, citing the Articles of Impeachment he has drawn up against President Obama for his Libya crime, today forecast in a Huffington Post column that "President Barack Obama's political sepulcher will be war."
"The rules of a republic are as poisonous to an empire as the rules of empire are to a republic.... What better check could there be to the imperial panoply of interminable nation-building campaigns, secret armies, covert operations, regime-change quagmires, offshore torture centers, out-of-control armed corporations, runaway military spending, wars by fleets of robots, wars by assassination, and all the other features of the imperial presidency than a requirement to bring these machinations to light and render them accountable to democratic deliberation?

So, it turns out that Nerobama's not even wearing a fig leaf, but what scares me is what LaRouche has been warning about lately - that there are signs that the Empire is about to go for a dictatorship in the US. In his new introduction for the paperback edition of his autobiography, Tony "Damien" Blair makes it abundantly clear that this is the case:
In a new, 40-page introduction to the first paperback edition of his autobiography, published June 9 [i.e. 6/9/11, a Thursday], Tony Blair not surprisingly called implicitly for dictatorship, just at the moment that Obama's British masters are in the process of preparing a dictatorial coup in Washington. Blair also called for more wars on the Libya model, the model of so-called "humanitarian wars" against national sovereignty for which Blair has agitated for many years.

Perhaps this is why Congress decided to forego their Independence Day recess - to them, it's meaningless.