Thursday, July 7, 2011

Insights into the real nature of the NSA

I'll explain. We have a fellow, John Perkins; he's from the Boston area, and by his self-description in a radio interview which I audited, he probably is the family of Perkins of the famous, or infamous Perkins Syndicate, which is a subject of history written in large part by Tony [Anton] Chaitkin among us, and also by Graham Lowry, in particular; and some others.

Now, what this fellow did, he described himself in a book, which is called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man—just to review the case for those who don't know it: During the 1960s, according to his account, when he was a student at a business school, which probably was a graduate business school such as Harvard Business School, he was recruited by the National Security Agency, which is a spin-off of the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. military, which was the so-called signals section of U.S. military intelligence, and this was broadened to cover other areas. This was the agency that was supposed to spy on everybody, and their conversations from around the world.

Anyway, he was trained by the National Security Agency, according to his account, and then was farmed out, under the title of "chief economist" to a number of private organizations, one in particular from the Boston area, who did what he called the functions of "economic hit-man." The term, according to his account, was generic; that, among people who did this sort of thing, the term "economic hit-man" was used as a term of self-description, and also amusement among themselves. Because, that's what they did. But it was so absurd in the eyes of the average person that anybody would do it, that they would chuckle every time they described themselves as an "economic hit-man," nobody's going to believe it.

Anyway, so, he worked together, as he described it, with major companies, such as those headed by George Shultz, who you may recall was a key figure in the Nixon Administration; he's one of the fellows who shut down the Bretton Woods system of the United States under Nixon, in 1971; and Shultz, as such, went on in the Azores Conference in 1972, to lead in destroying the post-war Bretton Woods financial-monetary system—which is what we're fighting about today.

And, in the course of time, he did a number of things, as a member of this team, in manipulating governments, manipulating nations, and relations among nations, in a very ugly way. And when he, or his type, would fail to persuade a government, or a leader of a government to submit to the will of institutions such as the World Bank and the IMF, which he describes as the key thugs in running these operations against developing and other countries, that then, he would say, the "jackals" would come in. And these would be intelligence community-authorized hit-men, killers, who would come in and kill heads of state, and others, for the pleasure of these financier organizations, which he describes as the private organizations, but government-linked, of economic hit-men.

So, you see, the NSA isn't what its facade would lead us to believe. I assume it's the main nest of Satanists and Nazis within the US government, spying on every keystroke of anyone and everyone it pleases, as part of controlling the situation. All the "scandals" and "outrage" about the NSA's supposed worst abuses are just intended to give us the impression that Congress is keeping them in line, when in fact the NSA probably gave them their scripts and a bullet with their name on it.

I found this in the course of tracing the origins of the use of "interrogation" as an excuse for torture (advanced SRA), which apparently originated with the Inquisition (making Cheney the modern Torquemada). The goal has never been to obtain accurate, timely information, but to simply torture and destroy the victim, as well as to either obtain "magical powers" (demonic possession) or to vent these "magical powers," and to get them to "confess" and provide the torturer with an excuse for having perpetrated the torture. This is how the myth of Baphomet (the supposed evil spirit which the Templars supposedly worshipped) began - they were tortured until they said something in a semi-conscious state that could be stitched together by their torturers into something that "justified" the torture.