Saturday, July 23, 2011

The intelligence legend of Anders Breivik

As I peruse the vast amount of "biographical information" that appeared overnight on the internet about the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik, I'm reminded of the similar situation with Lee Harvey Oswald. Instead of allowing ourselves to be drawn into endless analysis (beginning with verification) of what appears to be partly intended as a huge distraction from real issue, which is the need to implement Glass-Steagall, just look at what happened: he seriously damaged government headquarters and delivered a huge psychological blow to the Norwegian ruling (Labor) party, who was apparently getting too uppity for the likes of the British oligarchy. Then, note that he was allowed to run amok for AN HOUR AND A HALF, mowing down and traumatizing the next generation of the Labor party, because the police couldn't manage to pull their heads out and get it in gear, or so they say. I think that a lot can be learned by examining the actions of the police, instead of the supposed beliefs of the deluded Satanic knight who is being blamed for the entire murder spree.