Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Invisible Empire's blind terror strikes again

Two bombs have exploded outside a government building north of Baghdad, killing at least 35 people.

Iraq officials said a car bomb and another explosive went off Tuesday in the town of Taji, about 20 kilometers north of the capital. They say more than two dozen people were wounded in the blasts.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.
In addition, the Survey based its study of the morale effects of the Anglo-American "strategic bombing" on German civilians and leaders, on the very same "types" and "multiple publics" that Dicks had delineated in his original "national ideology" map. Therefore, it would be more correct to label the key section of the Strategic Bombing Survey report treating the "Morale Effects of Strategic Bombing" the "Tavistock Report on Terror Bombing."

As I've been saying for years, these bombings are the work of the same sort of people who run Guantanamo, with the intent of turning their world into a machine that churns out evil, in order to paralyze the wills of the people of Iraq, and ultimately motivate them to decide to "divert" into the 8th Sphere instead of reincarnating on Earth. Iraq is an R&D lab into implementing the 8th Sphere agenda on a mass scale. The anonymous nature of these "blind terror" bombings, which is a hint that they came from the Invisible Empire, is part of the strategy.