Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is the British empire trying to trigger cataclysms?

These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the earth with its surface. Underneath the solid earth there are a large number of subterranean spaces which communicate to the sixth layer, that of fire. This element of the fire-earth is intimately connected with the human will. It is this element which has produced the tremendous eruptions that brought the Lemurian epoch to an end. At that time the forces which nourish the human will went through a trial which unleashed the fire catastrophe that destroyed the Lemurian continent. In the course of evolution this sixth layer receded more and more toward the center and as a result volcanic eruptions became less frequent. AND YET THEY ARE STILL PRODUCED AS A RESULT OF THE HUMAN WILL WHICH, WHEN IT IS EVIL AND CHAOTIC, MAGNETICALLY ACTS ON THIS LAYER AND DISRUPTS IT.

This might explain the strange situation in Syria, for example: chaos intended to trigger quakes and volcanoes.