Friday, July 1, 2011

Is the movie The Fly an allusion to Satanism's top-secret agenda?

 As a result of the subtle intimidation and harassment to which I am subjected almost constantly by what is obviously organized Satanism (I guess the truth hurts), it occurred to me that its behavior is similar to an infestation of flies, and that this is only fitting, since its purpose is to elicit demonic possession, and Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, is a key demon. Considering that the proper function of demons is the decomposition of things that have died (thus explaining the destructive urges imparted to those so possessed), it makes sense that there would be one that acts as the group-soul of flies. Perhaps creatures which feed exclusively on carrion (such as vultures) fit into this category, although I can't be certain.

It follows that the movie The Fly, in which an experiment goes horribly wrong and produces a human/fly hybrid, might have been intended as a hint of the true nature of Satanism. At least in the original, only the scientist's head and arm are replaced by the corresponding parts of a fly, perhaps symbolizing the nature of demonic possession, in which the person is controlled via powerful (accentuated) urges from the lowest levels of the soul, which forces his thoughts and emotions into line with these impulses, leading to destructive actions, which normally involve the arm and hand.

Interestingly, the star of the original was Vincent Price, who appeared in several films which seem to contain allusions to the hidden reality of Satanism. Also of interest is that it premiered in the US on 7/16/1958, i.e. 23 23. 23 is interesting because (2x3)+(2+3)=11, the number of black magic, and 2/3=0.666..., which has obvious similarities to 6-6-6.