Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Obama about to emerge as Hitler disguised as our savior?

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Don't you dare withhold our Social Security payments!

That's the message senior citizens and the disabled are sending to President Obama and Republican lawmakers. They are making it very clear that they don't want to suffer the fallout of the debt ceiling squabbles in Washington, D.C.

They used to say that Richard Nixon had a "secret plan" in the 1968 presidential campaign to end the Vietnam War. President Barack Obama outdid Nixon with a secret plan to control the deficit.

He kept telling us of all the virtues of his plan. It was balanced, responsible, courageous and fair. It was just very, very secret.

Now the sheer treason of what "our" government has been working toward lo these many decades, as British imperial whores, is becoming apparent. (It's no wonder that Osama bin Laden had to be "killed" recently. If "he" weren't "killed," "he" would be taking credit for destroying the US, and Congress just couldn't have that.) They've stolen Social Security, poured it down Satanist rat holes, and are now telling us that we're going to have to start killing the "useless eaters" to "save the economy." (That's the third step in the Nazis' standard strategy, after getting the big guns and destroying the economy.) Not one member of Congress, as far as I know, has pointed out that we got to this point largely because they've destroyed the economy in the name of "efficiency" and "freedom," and because of the $1 trillion or so spent on the "war on terror" and the approximately $15 trillion given to bankers to cover their GAMBLING DEBTS. Now they're acting out another British script entitled "the debt crisis" (which oddly doesn't include "Glass Steagall), perhaps to get us to go along with their plan to implement a fascist dictatorship here. What does it take for us to admit that they're traitors?