Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping SRA invisible

In a case in 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, a lawyer named Simon Glik was arrested for filming three police officers “struggling to extract a plastic bag from a teenager’s mouth.”

Glik thought the treatment was a bit rough and in his attempt to capture video evidence of the event was arrested and charged with illegal electronic surveillance.

In 2008, a webmaster at Boston University, Jon Surmacz, was arrested and charged with illegal surveillance when he filmed officers being unnecessarily rough when breaking up a holiday party.

Massachusetts has been plagued with these types of egregious infringements on our constitutional rights.

So, not only do Nietzschean supermen believe they have the right to make up their own morality as they go along (based on the assumption that they will never be held accountable), but if they're wearing a police uniform, they have the right to invent legalistic excuses to prevent their SRA from being exposed.