Saturday, July 2, 2011

The KKK: Satanists in sheets (Rev B - see Notes)

As expected, additional topics which should have been included in my theory of Satanism have occurred to me. The most significant of these is that organized Satanism constitutes an unseen authoritarian society within society, probably ultimately led by black magicians or pod people. [1] The designation "Invisible Empire" is normally associated with the KKK, but the fact is that the KKK is a division of organized Satanism, which is the actual Invisible Empire. It's the ultimate "black" operation because it will never be officially acknowledged by the arbiters of our consensus reality, and its true purpose is hidden from even its own members.

Although Satanism is clearly authoritarian, I have no way of unraveling its command structure, which would probably be one of its major secrets. I suspect that the directorate, since approximately 1879, has consisted of Spirits of Darkness, a.k.a. the Dragon (the latest batch of which were cast down into Earth's etheric realm about ten years before Satanism's mass recruitment phase took off), and that its puppets exert their influence at various levels and in various locations. Beyond that, I would just be wasting everyone's time.

Obviously, Satanism existed long before 1879, but on a much smaller scale. (For example, the Salem Witch Trials were actually RUN by Satanists, and those charged with "witchcraft" were their VICTIMS. This was recognized to some extent soon after the "trials" and executions.) Before the Spirits of Darkness were cast down to Earth, they wouldn't have been in the picture, but now that they have been, it seems to me that they would be doing everything they can to advance the cause of Satanism.

Another aspect of Satanism is that it is fostered by "people above suspicion." I previously mentioned that Satanism's "mother"-organization is the Cult of Isis, which originated as the Babylonian priesthood of Ishtar, a.k.a. the Whore of Babylon, one of the Anunnaki "ET gods" revealed by the works of the late Zecharia Sitchin. This very cult has come down intact through the ages and lies at the core of the "respectable" British-led global financial oligarchy, which "enables" organized Satanism through its control over world governments. An excellent example of this is how it arranges entire "wars," costing hundreds of billions of dollars per year, which are actually partly intended as orgies of advanced SRA, with few if any of the perpetrators held accountable.

In the case of the "war on terror," the vast majority of American soldiers are victims of SRA, not perpetrators. A good example is how quite a few soldiers have been killed by IEDs shortly before they were scheduled to return to their families, after a long tour of duty. The strategy of using IEDs is patently Satanic, not Islamic, and you can safely bet that few if any Satanists have fallen victim to IEDs. It might help to put "the Taliban" into perspective to recall that a journalist, who reported that the British military had been caught helicoptering groups of "Taliban" around Afghanistan, was killed shortly thereafter, as reported here.

There are many obvious signs of the Isis cult's influence over Satanism (such as the Egyptian flavor to Crowley's occultish BS). In ancient times, temples to Isis featured "sacred prostitutes" in imitation of Ishtar/Isis, the Whore of Babylon. (Ishtar was and perhaps still is a physical being, who was known for her beauty, promiscuity, and her love of traveling the world in her "sky chamber" or "shem.") One of the Isis cult's practices is for male members to cross-dress as temple prostitutes. The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, which exposed what appears to have been a network of Hellfire clubs and child sex trafficking for powerful pedophiles, includes a photo of members of the Ak-Sar-Ben Club, a powerful group which protected those whom DeCamp exposed, doing just that: cross-dressing as Isis-cult temple prostitutes. (Google "Ak-Sar-Ben Club," select Images, and you'll see this photo.)

I understand that this child sex-trafficking network included the use of intelligence-agency flights between the US and Europe. This is yet another indication that our laws don't apply to these supermen, who consider themselves superior by virtue of their amorality and their power, which is derived from having members in just about every position worth controlling. Their Thought Police at the NSA have the capability to monitor every keystroke we type into our computers, by secretly copying them to a secret area on the hard drive, and periodically uploading this data to their servers.

Connections between the KKK and Satanism

Albert Pike was considered by many to be a great leader of the Scottish Rite, but the truth about him is less flattering. His Morals and Dogma, the "Bible" of the Scottish Rite, is what I would call "Ancient Wisdom BS." Pike was the actual founder of the KKK, and he was a Satanist. He would hold drunken orgies which lasted for days in the woods, i.e. a Hell-fire Club in a forest. [4]

The KKK's brutality was a form of advanced SRA, disguised as only an effort to keep African-Americans "in their place" in a de facto master/slave relationship. Note that slavery, an institution generally associated with the oligarchy down through the ages [2], provided many opportunities for SRA, and that the KKK's SRA was not just an attempt to preserve the master/slave society (but without the overt slavery), but also as a substitute for the SRA which was lost with the emancipation of slaves.

The KKK's "mystical" trappings such as the ranks of "wizard" and "dragon" were intended to give it an aura of a mystical knighthood devoted to preserving White Power. [3] The very name "KKK" and the KKK's symbol can also be construed as hints of Satanism. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, and 11 is the number of black magic, which Satanism pretends to be. The drop of blood in the center of the KKK's symbol is just coincidentally shaped like a 6, which is one of Satanism's favorite numbers, perhaps because like a 9 it implies a CCW rotation similar to the Swastika's implied rotation. Such so-called "reverse Sun" symbols actually represent the anti-Christ, a.k.a. the Devil.

Highly-coordinated group activities

Another aspect of Satanism worth mentioning is that much its activity within civilized society (as opposed to a "war" zone) takes place in the form of highly organized group functions such as "flash mobs," sometimes disguised to appear as a series of innocuous, bothersome, and freakish apparent coincidences. This organizational ability reflects the "Borg" or "group soul" nature of Satanism.


Rev B: Heavily reorganized and edited. My apologies to anyone who tried to read it previously, but I had been subjected to some rather intense sleep deprivation in the days leading up to its initial publication. Publishing something also gives me some distance from it, so I can see it more objectively.

[1] I've neglected to mention a mode of possession which I suspect is more likely to be found in the upper echelons of Satanism, namely a persistent state of possession by the Spirits of Darkness, which are angels who have defected to the dark side, who were cast down to Earth's etheric realm about a decade before Satanism's mass-recruitment drive began (indicating that the KKK's initial phase slightly preceded the mass-recruitment phase, at a time when the Spirits of Darkness were waging a battle to prevent us from gaining access to a certain installment of formerly occult information which the progressive hierarchy had decided we were ready to receive), and who have a superhuman capacity for BS, as indicated by what they dictated to Nietzsche. It seems to me that, since this is an option, Satan would use it instead of relying on humans. Whether they take possession of a particular person seems to be determined by whether they find them useful, and how strongly the person can (and wants to) resist their impulses. Rudolf Steiner indicated that this state of possession can be quite long-term, but as far as I know, he didn't go into detail on its characteristics. Because they are higher-level beings than the others which take possession on a long-term basis, it seems to me that people possessed in this manner would be more likely to be found in higher-level positions.

[2] In ancient times, a certain Atlantean sub-race known as the Akkadian had an intellectual edge over the rest of mankind. I surmise that this sub-race was chosen to serve as the priesthood of the Anunnaki to rule mankind, and that it has tried to preserve this privileged status despite the loss of its intellectual edge as mankind in general attained higher states of consciousness. I went over this in some detail in Speculations on the Origin of the Oligarchy.

[3] The "White Power" mantra of the KKK just happens to convert to 65 and 77, or 11 and 7x11 - also note that K is the 11th letter of the alphabet.

[4] "Albert Pike is one of the most physically and morally repulsive individuals in American history. Horribly obese-easily 300lbs. or more - Pike was known in his adopted state of Arkansas as a practitioner of Satanism. His reported sexual proclivities included sitting astride a phallic throne in the woods, accompanied by a gang of prostitutes. He would bring to his revels one or more wagon-loads of food and liquor, most of which he would consume over a period of perhaps 48 hours, until he passed into a stupor." (Anton Chaitkin, Treason in America, 234-35)