Thursday, July 14, 2011

Organized Satanism insinuates itself into landlord-tenant relationships via rental-housing "inspections"

It occurred to me that the housing crisis might be providing another opportunity for organized Satanism to stick its nose into people's business in the form of rental housing inspections. Upon investigating, I learned that this is indeed the case, and that it is being imposed by local governments. The following from the Boulder, Colorado Rental Housing Licensing page is telling:

The Rental Housing Program exists to preserve public safety. [Ah, the banality of evil - simply stating it supposedly makes it true, and it's up to us to disprove it.]

This program establishes minimum standards for basic equipment and facilities for rental property:

light, ventilation, and heating;
safety from fire;
the use and amount of space for human occupancy;
for safe and sanitary maintenance of dwellings.
Tenants, landlords, and the city all play a role in the implementation of this program.

[The actual reason is to periodically invade or threaten to invade the privacy of all tenants.]

All rental property in Boulder is required to maintain a valid rental license in compliance with the Housing Code. The code, Boulder Revised Code (BRC) [BRC > 23] 1981 Title 10-2, establishes minimum standards for the use and safe occupancy of dwellings to protect, preserve and promote the physical and mental health of its residents.

[Note the weird concern for "mental health," which is a hint that the inspections are intended as a form of emotional abuse of the tenants.]

Ask anyone who has lived in a HUD apartment about these "inspections," and they'll probably have some strange tale to tell about actual glaring problems which existed when they moved in and that were never repaired, although the "inspectors" are aware of them, and the tenants have complained about the problems. It's just insane, and the insanity itself is intended as a form of mental abuse similar to that designed to induce "learned helplessness" in prisoners at Gitmo. After all, these "inspections" are designed by the same Reesian mind-shrinkers who design the "war on terror" "interrogations."