Monday, July 18, 2011

A psychological perspective on Pottermania (revised)

I don't usually do talk-backs for movies, but considering Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 broke the weekend record with a stunning $168.6 million, I think plenty of us are ready and eager to discuss it.
All psychopathology is associated with some degree of paranoia, and the process of deterioration through neurosis into outright insanity (psychosis) converges upon some symptomatic form of a general condition known as paranoid-schizophrenia or simply schizophrenia. All Anglo-American psychological warfare technology is premised on pragmatic notions of the susceptibility of the individual or group to be driven toward some degree of such psychosis.

The ordinary misuse of the term paranoia by laymen and by some reckless professionals has nothing to do with this. All paranoia is nothing but the superimposition if the mother-image-dominated world-outlook of infancy and early childhood upon the real events of the adult world. The prevalence of this psychopathological trait among so-called normal people is typified by the maudlin sentiment frequently attached to such terms as "mother country," "mother tongue," and the identification of the Central Intelligence Agency as "Mother" among those closely associated with it.

This fact has its basis in the process by which new-born infants are transformed into normal, i.e., neurotic, adults. A summary of the main points of that development is a necessary grounding for understanding psychological warfare.

The newborn infant is psychologically purblind. He is incapable, as an infant, of developing rational forms of behavior through individual direct exploration of the world around him. His infant's world, as he begins to become aware of it, centers around either his mother or a mother-surrogate. His capacity to survive, insofar as the notion of survival is expressed in his outlook, is his ability to command this central mother figure.

This mother figure is not the mother as an actual person. It is characteristic of neurotic individuals that even into the last years of their lives they are unable to adduce a competent conception of their mother as an actual person from their empirical knowledge of her. Instead of the real mother, their internalized mother- image is a fantastic creature. This fantastic, false image is of such psychological importance that they must suppress recognition of their actual mother in the interest of protecting the image of the fantasy-mother.

The basis for this fantasy is elementary. The role performed by the mother in infancy is immediately acting to control most of those features of the immediate environment which the infant and young child regard as essentially relevant to their existence. The infant and young child do not see the mother as a person, but as a symbol for the predominant potency of their existence, a potency defined for them by the importance and form of the role she performs. On this account, virtually every child regards his internalized fantasy-mother as a witch. As we have shown elsewhere, all the myths concerning witches and witchcraft conform to the fantastic view of the mother-centered world as seen by the infant and young child. Similarly, belief in magic, astrology, and superstition generally are symptomatic of a severe paranoia of adults, and of the relative backwardness of cultures.

The infantile view of the internalized mother-image as a witch is associated with the notion of the boundaries of the real mother's ostensibly magical powers. These are approximately the boundaries of the family, and of mother's apparent domination of the family. Beyond the infant or infantile sees the irrational "outer world," from which come the "outsiders," the "strangers," who by virtue of not being subject to mother's witchcraft are axiomatically malevolent. (The sociological notion of radical-democratic "local community control" is intrinsically a replication of an infantile, paranoid world-outlook.)

Note that by sheer coincidence, the supposed box-office record, 168.6, converts to 666 by adding the 1 and the 8, rotating the 9 (CCW, of course, as implied by its shape), and discarding the decimal point. Now that organized Satanism has apparently arranged for box-office records to be smashed (indicating where a lot of that bailout money went), they can set about smashing society.

In my opinion, the movie was many things, but primarily an infantile fantasy, and a means of programming the infantile masses to believe that there are good wizards, and that becoming a wizard is a matter of being admitted to a secret school. Next stop for "Hogwarts graduates": various groups based on Crowley's Magick, consisting of suckers being fed lies by Satanists, who themselves are either utterly deluded, or pod people whose new "drivers" are proud of having acquired a human body and love destroying human lives. So much for Satan's promises of magical powers.

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