Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The psychopath walks, Drudge gloats (revised)

If anyone is guilty of cold-blooded murder, and bad lying in an attempt to cover it up, it's Casey Anthony. Video of her partying after her daughter's death is all we need to see to know that she's guilty, and that she figured that she had gotten away with it.

I think the jury has some explaining to do. If no explanation is forthcoming, I'll supply my own, and I think you know what it would be: the jury was stacked by the Invisible Empire to protect one of their own, and to rub our noses in their omnipotence in this world.

Cheney-lover Drudge's website practically celebrated this travesty, thus unmasking his affinity for this unconvicted child-killer. Here's how it looked after the verdict was announced:

A) Upside-down photo of Nancy Grace
C) Link: "NANCY GRACE LEFT SPUTTERING: 'SOMEWHERE OUT THERE, THE DEVIL IS DANCING TONIGHT'..." [Actually, that's Casey - it's easy to confuse the two.]
D) Link: "Attorney: Case was "Media Assassination" [Yeah - they showed that video of her partying after Caylee's death.]
E) Link: "'Now you have learned a lesson'" [Defense lawyer referring to media, which he said completely mischaracterized the reality.]
F) Link: "CBS host breaks down ..."
G) Link: "'TOT MOM' CLEARED BY COURT ..." [Note: clumsy titile "tot mom" just happens to convert to 96. Just how serious is Casey Anthony about partying? Was murdering her child a "fast track initiation?"]
H) Link: "Only guilty of lying to cops ..." [Oh, so she only lied to the cops about her child's death - nothing serious.]
I) Unusually flattering photo of Casey Anthony, smiling after verdict