Monday, July 25, 2011

Putting previous rants on the Norwegian terrorist incident into perspective

THE BRITISH CONNECTION: SEARCHLIGHT , THE London-based anti-fascist magazine, last night said it would today release information to prove that links exist between Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, now charged with Friday’s massacre, and the British far-right organisation the English Defence League.

Going back over my overheated rhetoric of the last few days on the terrorism in Norway, I realized that it might be taken as evidence that I have taken leave of my senses. My basic position is that all we "know" about Breivik is probably a carefully-constructed cover story to the effect that Breivik hoped to put an end to Muslim integration into European countries by killing politicians, and future politicians, who support such policies. One of the reasons I suspect that this is a cover story is that there are indications that his bombing/shooting spree was facilitated by intelligence agencies and law enforcement. For example, are we really to believe that Oslo's SWAT team didn't know that they could need a helicopter at any moment, at a time when there's a supposed war on terror in which Norway is involved? Give me a break! The lack of a helicopter is reminiscent of the lack of fighter jets on patrol on 9/11. They should be able to commandeer any helicopter, other than perhaps air ambulances. Another example is the pathetic security on Utoya Island, again, during the "war on terror."

The article referenced at the top of this entry supports my initial reaction to the terrorist incident in Norway, i.e. that Breivik is a tool of British Intelligence, which is an old, old hand at creating terrorist groups of many varieties to provide them with cover stories for their war on civilization. This is no exaggeration - they are willing to lay waste to civilization in its entirety in order to achieve their aims of destroying mankind, forever, or rather, remaking mankind to the Devil's liking, along the lines of Breivik's supposed manifesto: animals segregated by "religion" in a giant zoo.

The internet can be seen as the opposite, where kindred spirits associate, but where the NSA spies on them. They also spy on the contents of our hard drives, and even what we type but never save. They drop hints of this in the form of on-screen "balloons" which state that your computer's "virtual memory" is being expanded, even if you're nowhere near the limit of your physical memory. It just means that everything you type is going to a secret area on your hard drive, which the NSA Thought Police periodically uploads. (If this happens in Norway too, they would have known about Breivik long before he published his supposed manifesto, even if he were a true "lone wolf" terrorist. )

I suspect that Norway is the equivalent of a modern "JFK" - someone who had to be shown who's boss, because, for example, they had been very critical of "Israel," and "Israel," as the linchpin of the fake Apocalypse, is untouchable. No matter how many atrocities it commits, we are expected to ignore them. Note that Breivik approved of "Israel," because it's a "Jewish" nation. So, the real reasons for this terrorism are hidden between the lines of the cover story.

I also suspect that another reason for the attack is to break Norway's spirit, as a step toward creating the spirit-crushing mechanistic world order under the thumb of Mammon, who wants us to believe that we need his money, and that we have to play by his rules.