Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signs that Breivik was an MI-6 tool

Anders Behring Breivik was in contact with the EDL, supported their aims and was involved in the Norwegian Defence League, Searchlight can reveal.
This message appears to confirm the rumour that Breivik once lived in the UK. His father was a diplomat and is believed to have been based in London for some time.
The English Defence League has close links with the NDL. [NDL = Norwegian Defense League]
The English Defense League is basically a glorified hooligan gang that likes to butt heads at football matches. As the Guardian noted in 2003, these gangs have been infiltrated by British intelligence.

Much of the so-called far right in Europe is infiltrated and compromised. British intelligence agents infiltrated the most popular German neo-Nazi outfit, the National Democratic party. The leader of the NPD, Adolf von Thadden, worked for MI6. In fact, it looks like the NPD was a creation of British intelligence. Thadden, called “the New F├╝hrer,” was on MI6′s payroll when the organization was founded in 1964.

LaRouche long ago identified the Tea Party as a front-group for the British empire, with the purpose of ramming austerity down our throats, and that's exactly what they're doing.