Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treasonous Congress plans to starve us in service to Her Majesty

"Our special concern now for the nation, not just for us as a farm and rural constituency, is that our food supply is now in peril because of out-of-control financial deregulation and speculation."

Meanwhile, a lot of corn, the most basic food of all in the global economy, is going into producing ethanol, which could be duplicated by simply burning the corn and adding car-damaging chemicals to gasoline. If we really wanted energy independence, we'd be building nuclear power plants and maglev rail lines. Maglev is expensive in the short term, but it would pay for itself over the long term. (The $15 T we recently sank into bankers' gambling debts would have paid for a vast maglev network and many nuclear plants.) Imagine the benefits of having a transportation system that drives itself (although there would be plenty of jobs in creating, monitoring, and maintaining the system), and is essentially impervious to weather.

The mania over blowing up the sub-strata to obtain vast amounts of natural gas might have something to do with plans to dispose of our bodies. Their perfect new world wouldn't be so perfect with billions of rotting corpses lying around. Perhaps they're hinting at these plans with the recent articles on the demise of the Neanderthals.

If we didn't know that Congress is out to destroy civilization on behalf of the British empire, we would have to assume they're mindless.