Monday, July 25, 2011

Was Breivik programmed by British Intelligence?

One thing I noticed while glancing at Breivik's supposed manifesto is that it was if he had been spoon fed all of his ideas by British intelligence, or some even more thoroughly feudalistic source such as the Cini Foundation of Venice. (His choice of title, 2083, a variation on 1984, might be an allusion to the type of world he hopes to create: an Earth reduced to an "animal planet," devoid of the human spirit. Orwell describes this in 1984 as the "obliteration of the self," and uses a "boot stamping on a human face" as its symbol. This is the ultimate agenda of the forces of evil, and their Tavistock Institute.) This makes me wonder whether he's a sort of "Manchurian candidate" who only thinks he's working alone, assuming he really believes what he has reportedly been saying to the police.

I've also considered the possibility of inspiration and eventual possession by the Spirits of Darkness, but considering the amount of time he spent preparing for his "Christian" murder spree, and the fact that the intelligence services somehow "overlooked" him for nearly a decade, it makes more sense to assume that he was groomed for this atrocity. Combined with the pathetic security on that island (in a reportedly well-armed country), and the fact that he seemed to know that there was only one security guard (although he did have a vest, which should have got the attention of the authorities, because I think it's illegal for civilians to own them), the Nazi wing of Norwegian intelligence is the most likely sponsor. They also might have cranked "his" manifesto out from one of their disinformation-mills, although it's duller than what I would expect from them, unless they "dumbed it down."

He seems to think that he shouldn't spend any time in jail (although I'm not sure we can trust anything being said about him), and I'll bet there are a lot of people in Norway who agree with him on that. However, before they dispatch him to his rendezvous with the Guardian of the Threshold ("St. Peter"), and God's perfect justice, they should see how much actual information they can get out of him, instead of accepting what the police say he said. Use an actual interrogator with some brains, not some soul-destroying Inquisitor with a get-out-of-jail-free card from the Norwegian equivalent of David Addington, a.k.a. "Cheney's Cheney."