Thursday, July 28, 2011

Was Chinese high-speed train crash really an accident?

On Wednesday, Xinhua quoted an outburst by a state television reporter who clearly wasn't happy.

"How did the driver of train D301 not know that the D3115 was stopped on the same railway?" Xinhua reported the TV reporter as saying. "Did the driver of D3115 report the stop to the dispatch center?"

This, combined with the other coincidences that had to occur for this crash to have occurred, is why I think something about this crash doesn't pass the smell test. There are powerful interests who really hate rail transport, precisely because it is so efficient, convenient, and comfortable, and they would not hesitate to arrange such a crash if they could do so without getting caught. To these monsters, who routinely lie us into wars, the potential death and destruction caused by arranging such a crash would be nothing. The ministry in charge of designing the system claims that there is a design flaw in the signalling system, but that doesn't relieve the conductors and the dispatch center of their responsibilities to act as a backup system, especially because there had been some other problems in the month or so it had been in operation. The conductor in the second train should have been warned until he acknowledged the warning, and the failure of the signal system remedied. So, assuming the conductor in the second train wasn't suicidal and unconcerned about the lives of the everyone on those trains, the conductor in the first train or the dispatch center dropped the ball, and perhaps deliberately.