Monday, July 11, 2011

We don't need no stinking regulations!

Reporting from Moscow— A Russian riverboat was overloaded and in need of repairs when it sank in the Volga River with 208 people on board, officials said Monday as the toll rose to 58 confirmed dead.

The riverboat Bulgaria, which sank Sunday about two miles from shore, was not licensed to carry passengers, had not undergone major repairs in 30 years and was operating without its left engine, said Marina Gridneva, a spokeswoman for the Russian prosecutor general's office.

The owner is probably a disciple of Margaret "no society" Thatcher, The Iron Lady [>33 56 42 > 6 11 6]. In her view, there is no society, only a giant flea market. (Well, except when it comes to socializing the oligarchy's losses and waging Satanism in the name of national security.)