Sunday, August 21, 2011

20% of Congress spending vacation in "Israel"

Congressman Russ Carnahan joined nearly 20 percent of the United States House of Representatives in a trip to Israel this month. Paid for by an affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, these 81 [9x9, i.e. "666x3"] representatives are supposed to represent our interests but are choosing to spend their recess in Israel -- and briefly in the occupied West Bank -- at a time when Americans are suffering and scared from high unemployment, a tanking stock market and a downgrade of our national bond rating.

Well, you wouldn't want these traitors to put themselves in danger by spending time in their collapsing home districts, would you? So, for vacation from Fortress D.C., they scurry to Fortress "Israel," partly to fan the flames of the "Apocalypse." I suppose that some of them might also pay a surprise visit to an actual fortress in Iraq or Afghanistan, and perhaps torture a "haji" in a secret dungeon for some real "fun." After all, destroying civilization by voting as ordered can get so boring.