Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8.7 million species, on only one created by God!

Scientists have made the most precise calculation yet of the number of species on Earth, determining the total to be 8.7 million.

But what's really amazing is that all of them except one are accidents, along with their intricate relationships with each other and the planet, according to the British-spawned Darwin, even though there is no evidence of a successful random mutation, which are usually called "congenital defects."

The British-led financial oligarchy, however, was created by God to rule the planet. They're doing such fantastic job, too, as one would expect of such lofty beings. "Who SHALL we kill and what SHALL we destroy today, dear?" (This is their idea of "natural selection.") "Let's start a war - get our media on it right away! Something about WMD hidden so well that there's no trace of it."