Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alex Jones: SEALs actually died in operation to "kill bin Laden"

Associated Press sources are reporting a statistically impossible tragedy for U.S. forces in Afghanistan– that of the 38 NATO forces killed in a helicopter crash Friday night, “more than 20″ were members of SEAL Team 6, the covert unit that took credit for killing Osama bin Laden in May.
Instead, Alex Jones predicted shortly after the raid on bin Laden’s compound that SEALs would soon be reported dead in a helicopter crash or staged incident following multiple reports from military sources who’ve proved accurate in the past, including on-air callers, that SEALs did indeed die during the raid. Official stories admitted after-the-fact that a helicopter went down during the mission, but claimed there were no deaths of U.S. forces.

This makes more sense. The "bin Laden killing" was apparently actually the process of obliterating the "bin Laden" video-production house, whose products were getting a bit outdated. (All that "intel" they supposedly found lying around seems to have been forgotten.) This would explain why a unit that could keep secrets was used. In the process, SEALs died in the crash of a secret stealth chopper, and for some reason or a few reasons, probably including the desire to protect Obama's popularity-rating, it was decided that their deaths should be covered up and explained later as the result of another operation. I imagine that it couldn't be delayed very long, because the relatives would wonder why they hadn't heard from them in such a long time.