Monday, August 8, 2011

Anders Breivik: insane or evil?

On a whim, I took another look at mass murderer Anders Breivik's supposed manifesto (which appears to have been edited by a pro, so I doubt he put it together alone), and I soon realized that he's clueless and insane, if he really believes what's in it. (The fact that there's no reference to LaRouche is also interesting, because it just happens to fit with the rest of his British-inspired perspective.) There's no point in analyzing his manifesto to discredit him, since his mass-murder spree utterly discredited him in the eyes of the world. He (supposedly) wasted nearly a decade of his life writing a book that he discredited in a few hours, with his "marketing ploy!" So, he's insane and duplicitous, or his manifesto was just a cover story for his actual motives, in which case he's just plain evil.