Monday, August 15, 2011

"Anonymous": NSA's faceless-hacker face?

Hacktivists protested recent controversial actions taken by a San Francisco regional subway authority by publishing sensitive information for more than 2,000 of passengers who had nothing to do with its agency's management....
He [a BART passenger whose personal information had been compromised] said he received a “creepy” phone call on Sunday night from someone claiming to be a member of Anonymous who uttered “foul language, hushed tones and threats.”

Note that this sort of thing is consistent with the modus operandi of the "war on terror" reign of terror: "misdirected" terror "in response" to "misdirected" terror." "Anonymous" claims to have exploited a blatant vulnerability (if true, shame on BART), but why did they have to publish the private data of 2,400 BART customers to prove it? Furthermore, they seem to "hack" into too many sites too easily, indicating that they have access which only some agency such as the NSA would have, thanks partly to their capability to monitor our every keystroke and mouse-click (explaining their vast database).

The effect of all this "hacking" is to create chaos, which seems to be one of the oligarchy's top priorities lately, and I assume this is intended to trigger cataclysmic activity.

The reported phone call from "Anonymous" to a BART customer whose information had been compromised strikes me as an "introductory" form of SRA, which can culminate in torture-murder in some "war on terror" dungeon for "resistant" cases - i.e. for Satanists who are resistant to "magical powers," a.k.a. demonic possession.

I'll believe that law enforcement is serious about cracking down on these worms when they start doing hard time with very large, lonely cell mates. Until then, I'll assume that their "crackdown" is just a show intended to convince us that it's an independent group.

[1] "Anonymous" converts to 137, and then 11, the number of black magic, which organized Satanism pretends to be.