Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another of Obama's synthetic personalities?

It seems that Obama considered the ceremony at Dover to honor the SEALs recently killed in Afghanistan to be just another photo op for his re-election campaign, because the few photos which have been released from that ceremony show him saluting, which is something I assumed is reserved for members and former members of the military. It turns out that Obama first used a military salute even before taking office, after a workout at a gym named "Semper Fit" at a Marine base. It's almost as if he thinks that working out at a Marine gym makes him a Marine. This seems to be something that LaRouche pointed out about narcissists - that they lack a real self, and instead adopt a synthetic personality, or one that makes its appearances only on certain occasions. I've noticed that they tend to adopt the personality of whatever authority figure provides the greatest advantage in any particular situation. In a legal setting, for example, they adopt the persona of a judge or attorney by working a few legal terms into their speech or writing and by pretending to be the judge's and/or attorney's peer. This makes sense because they think they're God and are thus experts at anything mere humans can do.