Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chips that think like Darwinists! (revised)

The uses of the IBM chips so far are prosaic, such as steering a simulated car through a maze, or playing Pong. It may be a decade or longer before the chips make their way out of the lab and into actual products.
"It really changes the perspective from 'What if?' to 'What now?"' Modha said. "TODAY WE PROVED IT WAS POSSIBLE." [emphasis added]

So, because the chip can navigate a maze, or play Pong, we know it will unlock the secrets of fusion? It sounds like the sort of circular logic which afflicts Darwinian "researchers": interpreting their results based on the assumption that Darwinism is true, thus "proving" that Darwinism is true, even though it has been shown to be essentially impossible. It sounds to me that the Darwinists had to give themselves a shot of credibility as the new semester begins.

Revision: eliminated bulk of excerpts