Monday, August 1, 2011

Codifying "super-Congress" IS Obama-Hitler's coup, which LaRouche predicted

As I suspected, the enormous to-do over the budget crisis (the "Reichstag fire" which LaRouche also predicted) was a means for Obama to usher in an overt bankers' dictatorship over the US, and the form it has taken is the combination of Obama and a "super-Congress." If this is allowed to happen, the Constitution will become a meaningless relic. Everything will take a back seat to the "need" to obey Mammon's henchmen. Your rights, and the dedication of the US to the common good will have been wiped out by the bankers' robot, Obama, in the name of "living within our means," even as we give tens of trillions of dollars to bankers and blow a billion dollars a month on the "war on terror," that exercise in pure destruction. Let's add another requirement: that each Congressman voting for this treason personally strangle each person consigned to death by the consequences of this vote, instead of forcing others to do their dirty work for them. They'll have their hands full!