Sunday, August 14, 2011

Compare Ron Paul's media coverage to former candidate LaRouche's

If you want to see how the MSM treats an actual anti-Establishment candidate, try to find any significant objective MSM coverage of LaRouche when he was running for President, and had far more significant things to say that any of the puppets currently trying to win the puppet-popularity contest. (Recent photos of the current President-puppet slipping out to play golf sent chills down my spine: he's waiting for instructions, and in the meantime, he's just some average guy.) None of them have mentioned anything vaguely resembling an actual economic recovery program. Ron Paul's fixation on gold is pathetic, as if gold is the only thing that could give money value. In fact, he just happens to serve the British oligarchy's desire to resurrect the Specie Act, which destroyed the American economy back when it was implemented. He might not win, but the media will give him plenty of opportunities to peddle his gold buggery