Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confession in Breeann Rodriguez' case reeks of coercion

Authorities have found the body of missing 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez in Dunklin County, Mo., after an exhaustive search that began when the girl went missing while riding her bike near her home.
Morgan said that he found the tot on a ladder in his backyard pool, grabbed her and carried her inside his home, according to a probable cause statement an agent filed with the court. Morgan then suffocated her with a white plastic trash bag.

Morgan told the agent that it "felt like it took an hour for the girl to die," according to the statement. He didn't say why he killed the child.

Something's not right here, because it's just not natural for a human to do such a thing (especially if it indeed took such a long time for her to die), and if someone were capable of such a thing, it seems like there would have previously been some glaring signs. According to another report on this case, the alleged killer didn't have an attorney as of today, meaning that he was apparently interrogated without an attorney present.