Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A convenient confession but no evidence in girl's disappearance

KENNETT, Mo. (AP) — A southeast Missouri man told authorities he suffocated a 3-year-old neighbor girl he found playing at his backyard swimming pool and then threw her body in a floodway ditch, court documents allege.

The article contains no indication of a motive. Was the guy subjected to "enhanced interrogation" until he "confessed?" Are the police hiding something, such as that she was murdered by Satanists? The only "evidence" so far is a couple of training wheels, and it just so happens that "training wheels" converts to 92 72, i.e. 11 9, Satanism's most "magical" numbers. Why are they having so much trouble finding the girl's supposed dead body? Are they dragging their feet to ensure that no forensic evidence remains which could lead to the real killers?

On a related note, there are indications derived from reverse speech that Casey Anthony is protecting a couple of "boys" who actually killed her daughter. (Note how long it took to find her body, and it ended up being close to Casey Anthony's home.) If they are members of organized Satanism, this would explain how she managed to get such expensive legal counsel, how she was acquitted so quickly, and how she is supporting herself now. Free legal counsel and rigged juries are a couple of the perks of selling one's soul.