Thursday, August 4, 2011

DB Cooper story might be real after all

Steve Dean, the assistant special agent in charge of the criminal division of the Seattle FBI office, confirmed Wednesday that Marla Cooper had contacted the bureau and turned over items to assist in the investigation.

Cooper, citing childhood memories, told ABC News she is convinced her uncle was the man who hijacked a Seattle-bound jet on Thanksgiving Eve 1971 and parachuted over Southwest Washington with $200,000 in cash.
Cooper told ABC News her uncle vanished after the hijacking. She said she was later told he died in 1999.
"I contacted the FBI as soon as I was sure that what I was remembering were real memories," she said. [Interesting - why would she have been confused over whether her memories were real?] "There's a crime that's taken place that hasn't been solved, and I'm the only one, as far as I know, who knows what happened."
Cooper also told ABC News she remembers a discussion about the money.

"I heard my uncle say, 'We did it, our money problems are over, we hijacked an airplane,' " she said.
The FBI has determined a guitar strap ["guitar strap" > 66 74 > 66 11] that belonged to the man is not conducive to lifting fingerprints. But the case agent is trying to obtain other items with better surfaces to lift fingerprints, Gutt said.
Only $5,800 of the ransom money — whose serial numbers the FBI had recorded — turned up when a child digging in a sandbar on the north bank of the Columbia River west of Vancouver in 1980 unearthed a bundle of $20 bills.
Every November the Ariel Store and Tavern on State Highway 503 in Southern Washington celebrates 'D.B. Cooper Days' to commemorate Thanksgiving Eve, 1971 and the hijacking of Northwest Airlines Flight 305. Skyjacker D.B. Cooper parachuted from the 727 into a heavily wooded area between Cowlitz and Clark counties with his $200,000 ransom and was never seen again.
D. B. Cooper [6 9] is the name popularly used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the airspace between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, USA on November 24, 1971. [11 24 18, i.e. 11 6 9]

In an online video of Marla Cooper, she strikes me as being careful about what she says, but I can't say why this would be. One possibility is that she's part of a very elaborate hoax.

Considering the skill and knowledge that someone would need to successfully execute such a feat of skydiving (as indicated here), it seems to me that his background would have to have included a stint in the CIA. There are no indications that L.D. Cooper had such a background, but it's possible that it's still classified. Either that, or this was a hoax concocted by the CIA to create the basis for a perpetual lie for organized Satanism to recount and embellish over the decades, including having annual meetings to get their story semi-straight.

So, I'm on the fence about whether this was a hoax, and I don't intend to waste any more time on it unless I stumble onto something more definitive.