Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emerging picture of a set-up

There are growing indications that the U.S. military should never have launched the ill-fated helicopter mission that sent 38 U.S. and Afghan troops crashing to their deaths in eastern Afghanistan.
Everyone aboard the Chinook perished, but the U.S. commandos on the ground did not suffer any casualties and were able to fend off the insurgents on their own. They also managed to secure the crash site until another helicopter arrived, military officials said, raising questions for investigators about whether the original rescue mission was necessary.
Our military contacts tell us this story is even more bizarre than the first. We have been told by an experienced officer who served two tours in Afghanistan and three in Iraq that he had never heard of sending in Special Ops in a CH-47 to stop a retreat. "That is a job for air support." It is presumed that a drone would have been monitoring the scene and a tactical opportunity would have been perceived if the enemy began to retreat. F-16's, Apache or Cobra helicopters would be the weapons of choice to engage a scattering enemy.

It still leaves unanswered why so many SEALs and Special Ops were on board a single aircraft. "What that implies is that they did not anticipate the need for a multi-angle attack, and that is almost never the case. And why the CH-47, with that many special troops aboard, did not have air support is another big question," we were told.
Fearing exposure of the double game with the Taliban they have been playing in Afghanistan, the British appear to have killed the journalist who was exposing it.... The Afghan newspaper Wise (sp?) has published a cartoon showing a helicopter with a big British flag transporting typical Taliban, who are sneaking out of the helicopter with typical turbans and weapons.

Although it is generally assumed that these guys were set up because they knew too much about the "kill OBL" operation (probably actually the obliteration of the "bin Laden" video-production studio), the fact is that they would have had a lot of secrets, and perhaps someone decided they knew too much about a lot of stuff. But again, motive is a tough nut to crack, so I can't be sure.

Also note that this disaster occurred one day after Standard Anglo Whores downgraded the US bond rating, so perhaps the deaths of so many elite American soldiers was intended as part of a psywar double-whammy to American optimism. I do smell a British rat somewhere in this apparent set-up.