Monday, August 22, 2011

Enough of the "alien-invasion" joke already! (revised)

Image: An early allusion to the alien invasion known as organized Satanism

Astronomers who have been searching for extraterrestrial intelligence for decades are suddenly saying such an encounter might not be a happy one.

Aliens might destroy life on Earth or plan to eat or enslave humans if they sense our civilization was expanding too rapidly and could harm others, according to a latest study.

This is a pathetic allusion to organized Satanism, demonic possession ("alien implants"), and the Greenie ("little green men") depopulation movement.

If we are such a threat this planet, wouldn't it be self-limiting? We're hardly prepared to move to another planet or solar system. It would make the most sense to simply prevent us from doing so, such as by infiltrating our government and shutting down NASA. Hmm.