Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The "experts" have discredited themselves

Today's LPAC's While You Were Sleeping morning report makes the point that the same "economic experts" who are ramming their "solutions" down our throats are the same "experts" who rammed the same "solutions" down our throats a while back, and told us that their "solutions" would fix the problem once and for all. What they do is to wait for us to forget the previous instances, and then panic us into letting them do the same thing again as if it were the first time, which they do by using different rhetoric. But it's the same thing.

Also again note that Obama and Congress never DO anything about infrastructure (other than perhaps release road funds just before an election after sitting on them for years). The make their drive-by promises that infrastructure will be included in their economic plan, and then bolt for the door to take a month-long vacation. They figure that we'll forget about what they said by the time they get back, and that they can pretend as if they never said it when they have an opportunity to actually DO something about it. (They'll have some other "more important" issue, of course.) Naturally, the British-controlled media doesn't point out this disconnect between their economic rhetoric and their actions.