Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Obama a Nietzschean "superman?" (revised - see Notes)

By all indications, Obama was identified for future political use by Brzezinski at Columbia in 1981-1983, during Obama's SECRET LOST YEARS.... SCHOOLED IN NIETZSCHE AND FANON [1], Obama qualifies as a postmodern fascist.

In the course of writing something about so-called "Jupiter-man" possession, which I suspect is one of the actual meanings of Nietzsche-Satan's "superman," I recalled that Rudolf Steiner characterized the resulting mindset as that of "Caesar." (For seemingly endless details on this and related matters, see my essay "Jupiter-Man" Satanic Possession.) Then it hit me: Obama, according to Webster Tarpley, had a rather wild time in his early adulthood, and this, also according to Tarpley, has been swept under the rug by killing those with firsthand knowledge, including his supposed male lovers. (This is one reason I suspect that his family is just intended to provide him with the trappings of an average person.) This is precisely the sort of activity which can lead to the sort of possession mentioned above, which is the "initial" form of possession cultivated by organized Satanism through orgiastic, Hellfire Club-type activity.

LaRouche attributes Obama's narcissistic mental disorder to his upbringing, and he's usually right. However, he's also conservative, because he has a reputation to protect, whereas I can afford to make mistakes, as long as I correct them when I recognize them. So, I decided to raise this possibility that we might actually have a "Jupiter man" or Nietzschean-"superman"-type pod-person in the White House, and that he is happy to sit by and watch billions die as a result of his lies and his actions or lack thereof. This would also help to explain why Mammon's Wall Street put him in there. Forget an exorcist, and just get him outta there!


Revision: Added Note 1

[1] The reason I emphasized Fanon is that he was apparently dedicated to tricking people into becoming demonically possessed, or at least dedicated to developing strategies for doing so. (Interestingly, one of his interests was psychiatry.) I mentioned him in an old essay about Satanism disguised as warfare (here), and the fact that in the chapter on violence in his book Wretched of the Earth, he refers to a type of being which supposedly takes possession of people. The following gives some idea of his fixation on extreme violence:
In The Wretched of the Earth (Les damn├ęs de la terre), published shortly before Fanon's death in 1961, Fanon defends the right for a colonized people to use violence to struggle for independence, arguing that human beings who are not considered as such SHALL NOT BE BOUND BY PRINCIPLES THAT APPLY TO HUMANITY, in their attitude towards the colonizer.
from the Wikipedia entry on Frantz Fanon

In other words, Fanon meant "demonic" violence (i.e. revilry in gore), similar to that mentioned in Satan on War by the Process Church, which had some connection to that front for Satanism known as Scientology. Algeria, where Fanon was involved in the independence movement, is riddled with ley lines, making it a good place for "magical powers" to get you.

I'm not sure why Obama would have been fed Nietzsche and Fanon unless his programmers planned on him to become involved in SRA. Perhaps it never panned out, and they decided that he could do more "good" by stopping at the "initial" stage of possession and getting into politics.