Friday, August 12, 2011

Jewish protests reflect "Israel's" true purpose

My reaction to learning about the protests over economic conditions in "Israel" is that the citizens of "Israel" are evidently just discovering that it was never really intended as a permanent homeland/haven for Jews, but as the mainspring of the "Apocalyptic" conflict. The British oligarchs who really run the place, such as the Rothschilds (although the US provides much of the financial support), don't give a hoot about the Jews who live there, because their purpose was always just to convince Jews around the world to flock to "Israel" to create the aforementioned conflict by creating a pressure to slowly encroach further and further into Palestinian territory, thus provoking the Arab world against "Israel" and the US, its sponsor. Any other agenda, such as creating an economy that serves the common good, gets short shrift. The protesters should consider what John Hagee, Gov. Rick Perry, and their "prophecy-fulfilling" ilk, who are coordinating the Apocalypse fantasy with the depopulation agenda, have in store for them.