Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lies, covert invasions, and chaos

Behind the Obama Justice Department's flagrantly unconstitutional abuse of the Espionage Act to prosecute intelligence community whistle-blowers is a treasonous drive, first launched under President George W. Bush, to impose a British Official Secrets Act on the United States.
To impose a foreign system that is patently unconstitutional is a high crime and misdemeanor that warrants the President's immediate impeachment! Recall that in his recent trip to London, President Obama established A JOINT NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL WITH THE NEWLY ESTABLISHED BRITISH NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL.
Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) could have prevented the all-out military regime-change operation against Libya, Lyndon LaRouche charged today. Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, held a hearing June 28 at which he rammed through a decision which enabled President Obama to flagrantly override the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, to launch a war against Libya without Congressional approval.
According to recent reports in the U.S. news media, the six-month-long campaign was run directly by covert forces, private contractors, and U.S. intelligence assets, in an undercover campaign operating independently from the NATO command structure.
In the world of Skull & Bones, one of the greatest virtues is the ability to steer the nation into war and to successfully prosecute the war.

The agenda of imposing the Official Secrets Act upon the US would explain why Bradley Manning (apparently) was allowed to walk out of a "secure" area with CDs full of classified data, after being given access to vast amounts of data that he had no business accessing, and being allowed to set at a terminal with a device capable of storing vast amounts of data, while as far as I know there have been no moves to punish any of those responsible for security for such gross dereliction of duty, or outright treason.

Obama clearly intends to commit many crimes which he needs to keep secret, or to allow his successors to commit crimes in secret. Syria appears to be next in line for the "democratic liberation" treatment, followed by chaos. (The hospital in Tripoli with dead and dying people lying all around it, is an apt symbol for his "health care" plan.) He's obviously a British henchman, and is using the US military presence in SW Asia to wage secret wars in service to the British empire's chaos-agenda, in addition to the overt ones.

To understand Kerry, see my website's home page and section on Skull & Bones. These are old essays which predate my recognition of the true nature of SRA, and at least one contains a reference to "Satanic rituals." Perhaps they do take part in orgiastic "Hellfire Club" activity similar to that seen in accounts of Bohemian Grove gatherings (which seem partly designed to elicit the egotistical "superman" attitude). There is, after all, the so-called "Bones whore," but whether she's just a tie-loosener or an abandonment-cultivator is another question entirely.

Orgiastic activity is a sort of "Satanic ritual" intended to open souls to so-called "Jupiter men," which are future humans who currently reside in the Satanic realm under Satan's control. (Satan's High Priest, a book listed on my website's Writings by Others page, frequently refers to orgiastic activity as part of Satanic gatherings.) I believe that Nietzsche's "superman" is partly intended as a reference to someone who has become possessed by a "Jupiter man" as a result of abandoning himself to his lowest impulses, such as those related to sex and aggression.

However, Senator Kerry doesn't seem like the someone who would take part in orgies, but rather someone who takes his oath to Skull & Bones, a British "knighthood," more seriously than his oath of office, perhaps because of penalties for violating the former.