Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Rioters: Symbolically destroying civilization

ALI MOORE: British Prime Minister David Cameron says 16,000 police will be put on the streets of London to stop the rioting and looting which has devastated parts of the city over the last three nights.

What are they doing? They're SYMBOLICALLY destroying civilization in a ritual of destruction (a form of SRA), which their "big brothers" who inhabit the halls of Parliament and its offshoot, the current US "President" and Congress, are ACTUALLY doing. (Note that it's starting in London, the source of the "free trade" economic warfare which has brought civilization to the brink, and which is poised to push it over the edge. So, it's probably also a way to set the stage for similar activities all over the world.) It's clearly planned, scripted, and stage-managed, although the production crew is hidden. They're wearing masks today, because they'll be running for office tomorrow. They're also providing an excuse for martial law, to get us used to the stormtroopers which the government will need for purposes of ramming austerity down our throats, supposedly in order to "get the economy back on track." (If the government were honest, they'd say that their idea of fixing the economy includes killing most of the human race.)