Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Luciferian belief systems

(This is a continuation of What's a Luciferian?)

Another means of "escape" is through teachings which are intended to convince us that we're more "God-like" than we are at this stage in our evolution. A Course in Miracles is probably the ultimate example of this. It teaches that each individual lives in a universe of their own, which is actually just a dream from which we can escape by simply "awakening." A related notion is the supposed power of belief to change the world as if by magic. (The world IS an illusion, but one created by the gods for our benefit. It does no good to pretend that we don't believe it, but it is possible to develop clairvoyance and perceive the reality behind the illusion.) So, anyone who pushes such belief systems with the knowledge of what they are intended to accomplish would also qualify as a "Luciferian."

It also seems to me that the Christian Fundamentalist teaching regarding "getting saved," and the related belief that Christ is about to return, rescue the "saved" from the Tribulation, create Heaven on Earth, and return the "saved" to this Heaven on Earth, would also qualify as such a belief system.

It's not always a straightforward matter to identify such belief systems. However, studying the sources on which I based my essays on the Eighth Sphere and black magic will probably help.