Thursday, August 25, 2011

More proof that Darwin was right (assuming he was right)

Named the "Jurassic mother from China" (Juramaia sinensis), the newfound fossil species is the earliest known ancestor of placental mammals—animals, such as humans, that give birth to relatively mature, live young—according to a new study.

So, the fact that they found something that shares SOMETHING in common with humans proves that humans could have descended from these creatures. The unstated assumption is that there could be no Creator, even if they have to adopt a belief in magic to "explain" how this supposed descent occurred, and the universe evolved from a cloud of particles which just happened to always exist, and which they have yet to find.

Although it's difficult or impossible from our current perspective to understand why a God who has our best interests at heart would have apparently created such a mess, and allowed one to occupy the White House, we might begin to understand it when we look back on it in a few thousand years.