Monday, August 15, 2011

The new, improved al Qaeda struts its stuff

Image: American counter-terrorism's old mask

BAGHDAD — Insurgents across Iraq launched their most significant and wide-ranging attacks in months on Monday, killing 68 people and wounding over 300, marking the most violent day in Iraq this year.
No group claimed responsibility for the attacks on Monday. But in a voice recording posted on a Web site for Al Qaeda in Iraq last week, the spokesman for the terrorist group said that they were preparing a wide-scale attack.

Some might consider this to be evidence that we've wasted millions of lives and trillions of dollars "trying to stamp out terrorism." In fact, the "war on terror" is a Satanist reign of terror being run by the British empire, of which American "counter-TERRORISM" (96 135, i.e. 96 9, i.e. 666) is a division, and which wears an "Islamic" mask when it finds it useful. So, it's actually going as intended. This is the reality of the British Empire behind the facade of refinement and civility. It's the "modern" British East India Company: Satanists in ships, backed by the might of the British empire, which now includes the USA.

I assume that the attacks were launched the day AFTER the full Moon to prove that there couldn't possibly be a Satanist connection. Note that the weather was cooling down - it was supposed to be only about 110 F in Baghdad - so obviously it wouldn't be hellish enough in "liberated" Iraq without blood and body parts flying around. The idea is to convince everyone that they could be killed or maimed for life at any moment, if not hauled off to on of the many "liberation dungeons" and tortured by the Iraqi Satanists who are taking place of the American ones.