Friday, August 5, 2011

A new perspective on Baphomet

In previous entries, I indicated that Baphomet is a myth created by those who tortured the Knights Templar, based on semi-conscious utterances of the Templars. However, in the course of researching Mammon, I stumbled onto a reference to something that Rudolf Steiner said or wrote about Baphomet, and it turns out he's a real being:
To this day the rumour is circulated that the Templars worshipped Baphomet. But Rudolf Steiner explains that Baphomet [is] a being of the ahrimanic world who appeared to people when they were being tortured. (Through the torturing of the Templars) this was cunningly made to happen. They brought back with them many visionary experiences when they returned to consciousness (GA 300a, p. 130).

However, my main point, that the Templars did not worship Baphomet, was correct. But this sheds new light on Crowley's reference to Baphomet at the beginning of The Book of the Law, which advocates torture.