Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama's campaign "disinfomercial" tour

This guy is clearly getting more desperate and pathetic by the day. He had to get special buses built so he could travel to some out-of-the way place (which just happens to be almost precisely on a ley line) where a stage could be erected in secret for a campaign "disinfomercial" with crowds of suspiciously enthusiastic supporters, like at Perry's "prayer" rally. Then, of course, the carefully-scripted speech which refers to some ideal alternate reality. The topic is naturally jobs (the standard topic for politicians when they come out from under their rocks, where they have been busily dismantling the economy) which in Obama World exist independently of productive activity. He'll do that for all of two or three days, which is all he needs to make a couple of commercials to show us how much he loves us Hobbits when election time rolls around.