Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obama's "I care" photo-op is a big lie

Now that the nasty debate over increasing the debt limit has been resolved, the president can get to work adding jobs and bolstering the weak economy.
If the notion of “pivoting to jobs” has a familiar ring to it, it is because we’ve heard this tune 14 times before in the two-and-a-half years since Barack Obama took the oath of office.

It's actually just hot air - a distraction from the reality of what he's doing, which is to destroy the US on behalf of his British masters. Note how his proposals to "boost jobs" are always vague, beginning with the notion that a competent economist would focus primarily on creating jobs. The whole point is to GIVE US THE IMPRESSION that he's working night and day to improve our lot, when the reality is just the opposite. For a real economic program, which starts with removing the traitor from the White House and taking back the tens of trillions of dollars we've given to his masters so it can be invested in a real warfare-scale infrastructure program, see LPAC's website.